Friday, June 7, 2013

Cayden at 3!

I decided this year would be a good year to start asking little interview questions about Cayden. Of course the questions/answers I had done right on his Birthday has disapeared so I just recently asked him some more and of course some of the answers have changed but it was still fun and something I hope to keep up every year!

Favorite color: blue
Favorite food to eat: he kept listing fruits and veggies so I just left it at that
Favorite treat: suckers
Favorite place to go: Menchies
Favorite toy: ambulance
Best friend: Russell
Favorite movie: Toy story 3
favorite thing to do: playing with my toys
What do you like to do with Mommy and Daddy?: just play
what makes you happy?: Daddy, that melted my heart
Favorite vegetable: carrots
Favorite cartoon: Jake and the Never land Pirates (this surprised me since this is usually his least favorite normally)
Favorite book: The very hungry catipillar
Favorite song: Faith
Favorite fruit: blueberries