Saturday, January 3, 2015

Cayden's BirthDAY

Cayden had such a great day on his Birthday. We started off his morning with a special breakfast. We have a doughnut shop right across the street from us and we go there every now and then so we thought we would surprise him..he loves donuts =)

His Birthday fell on Story time at the Library so we went with his buddy Colton and took them to the splash pad since it was a hot day and they both LOVE going. I was having way too much fun capturing the excitement...

I don't think I could have taken this at a better time...I am not sure Cayden was ready to get into the water..but Colton made sure of it..

We decided to take the boys to the candy shop right by the splash pad for a special treat..they were in heaven with soo many candies to choose from!

Cayden did another season of Soccer which I never blogged about..this particular day was his last game...he has decided, at least for now that soccer is not for him but he did have fun..

Ellie was loving that Grammy and Papa came to watch the game!

We thought it would be fun to take him to Farrell ice cream parlor since they do some fun things when it is your birthday. We had never been so weren't too sure on what to expect. Cayden has been going through a huge...huge fire alarm phase..he LOVES pointing them out everywhere we go and has to inform all of us as well. He also gets a little scared about them going off ( there was an incident at auntie and uncles house that kind of set that off) and of course they have this LOUD alarm thing they do which kind of freaked him out but he put on a brave face and enjoyed the show =)

Making a wish!

Cayden was able to open up presents from family were there..

We were so happy to have some family come and join us in celebrating his was a great way to end a fun filled day!


K♥C said...

did you ever take him to donut man? I love that splash pad too we will have to make a splash date this summer!!! :)