Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Egg hunt!

We went to the annual Easter egg hunt where my parents live. Cayden always has a ton of fun here..

Loving the crazy weird smile stage...not...

Ellie really wasn't sure what was going on.

They separate it by age groups which I really like and this year his age group seemed to not have very many kids. As it got closer more and more kids were coming and unfortunately when they said it was time to go all of the parents decided they needed to go too..

There is a golden egg in each group and the parents I guess were way more determined for their kids to find it....lets just say it was complete chaos and I ended up losing Cayden for a few minutes..I thought 4 year olds would be just fine finding eggs on their own =)

Luckily it still ended up being really fun for Cayden!


K♥C said...

that's why we dont participate in the egg hunt anymore.. the parents need to just let the kids have fun! at least the other events are fun.. H always likes to see the Easter bunny and the bouncy house of course :)