Monday, January 12, 2015

Easter Sunday

I was so excited for Easter morning to come around. We started the morning off with what the Easter Bunny brought!

Then Cayden enjoyed a little Easter egg hunt..

After we went to church we headed over to Mike's parents..

The cousins always have soo much fun together! The older ones needed to get some energy out..

the kids had an Easter egg hun..

Its always hard to get a good pic of a group of little ones..but at least they are all in it =)

Love this girl..

The older ones dyed Easter eggs which they loved..

Love this pic of the three girls..
We had  great day making fun memories!


K♥C said...

OMG!! Caydens face cracks me up!!! what a ham he is when the camera comes out :) Glad Ellie still likes to have a cute smile in her pics