Thursday, January 29, 2015


We were so excited to be able to get another chance so quickly to make it out to Disneyland!

Apparently this is getting "closer" to mommy...

Cayden and I decided to try out the Jelly fish ride again and it will be the last time...I think it freaked him out more than the first..I was surprised he even wanted to go on it again!

Daddy took Cayden on the ferris wheel while I nursed ellie, afterwards we hung out at the line until they got off so I decided to get some pics of this little cutie..

She was loving looking and smiling at all of the people in the line.

Luckily Ellie took a nap so the boys went on a couple rides..

The siblings all pitched in for my moms birthday/mothers day present to get a pass so she was able to meet up with us that night!
It was yet another enjoyable day at Disneyland!