Sunday, January 18, 2015


I know there are going to be MANY Disneyland posts..but I cant help but take pictures there every time we go! I have so much fun going with the kids, and they enjoy it so much I want to capture all of it! Anyway, we were so excited when we were able to go back after getting our passes..
Ellie was enjoying the tram..

Cayden spotted the old fire truck so of course we let him check it out..

Ellie and I hung out while the boys went on Autopia..I cant get enough of those chunky little arms!

Luckily we were able to spot them before they got off!

funny seeing him behind the wheel..

Had to do buzz light year..

We had a ton of fun that day and even stayed until night..glad they do so good at Disneyland..


K♥C said...

so glad you got your passes again! Im sure you were having withdrawals LOL its always more fun when the kiddos are enjoying every minute of the adventure too! Im glad you take so many photos.. they are so darn adorable!!!