Thursday, January 22, 2015

Chino Air Show!

On May 3rd we decided to try out the Chino Air Show. I thought Cayden was going to LOVE it and be really happy there but unfortunately it was an extremely the 100's kind of day. The kids both seemed pretty miserable and Cayden was just in an "off" mood. Luckily there were a few things that brought a smile to his the tram we took to get to the air show =)

He liked being able to get that close to a helicopter too

Ellie was going crazy over the planes..

This was prob one of Cayden's favorite part of the day..going in the army truck and pretending to shoot the M2..
We didn't stay very long sadly, luckily we were able to see my sister, her husband and their tiny baby Claire for a minute on our way out.